A Statement To Parents

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We take seriously the well-being of your son or daughter. You have made immeasurable contributions to the lives of your children and it is our desire to come alongside you in their spiritual growth and development. We sincerely believe and hold to the God-given, authoritative role that parents have with their children. We do what we do because we love college students and specifically, your child. If you have any questions, thoughts or feedback we would love to hear from you!

As a parent of a college student, there are many things on your mind as you consider letting your child attend the ALPHA Project-- Being away from your family, sacrificing good things like summer classes, internships, or other jobs. With all of this in mind, we believe we have created an option that will meet your desires as a parent for your child financially, developmentally, and relationally.

“As a student, Campus Outreach taught me the importance of making decisions that will have an impact not for the moment, but for eternity.”
— Robert Aderholt, U.S Congressman, State of Alabama