Frequently Asked Questions:

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1. What is ALPHA Project? The ALPHA project is designed to provide today’s college student with a leadership intensive that is situated in a life-giving environment. The combination of length, location and leadership enables the ALPHA project to meet the need for spiritual growth while also satisfying the desires for rest and enjoyment.

2. When is it? May 11th- 29th, 2020 (leadership arrive May 10th) 


3. Who will be there? 80+ students and staff from CO Lynchburg (VA Tech, Radford University, Liberty University) and DC regions (American University, Georgetown University, Howard University, and George Washington University).

4. Where will it be located? Virginia Beach, VA. Students and staff will live in three beach mansions during the duration of the Alpha Project. These beautiful homes were selected to provide participants with a comfortable living environment during their stay.

5. How much will ALPHA cost? $1,000 (this covers beach housing, project materials and scheduled project meals).

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6. What will we do? The Alpha Project will include small group bible studies, large group meetings, shared meals, training sessions, community outreach and yes, plenty of fun. CLICK HERE for a weekly schedule.

7. When do I need to apply by? Leaders application deadline is Jan 3rd, first-years March 20th.

8. When do I need to commit to the ALPHA Project by?  This year's commitment deadline is: leaders, Feb 14th. First-years: April 3rd.

9. Where should mail be sent? 

Sandbridge Realty

C/O Campus Outreach

{Name of Participant}

581 Sandbridge Road

Virginia Beach, VA 23456

10. What should I bring? For a detailed packing list, CLICK HERE.

11. Why change the location and format of the summer project? With the increase in summer obligations such as internships, summer classes and responsibilities at home, we wanted to create a context where students could start their summer well spiritually and still give time to these commitments. We believe that students are still able to get the experience of a traditional eight-week summer leadership training program in a three week intensive style summer training program.